An accidental success — how to launch an app in a day!

TL;DR: One weekend hackathon = number 1 app in 5 countries.

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A few months ago, we set about on building a bigger vision around our original mission “To be the best mobile commerce company”. It’s a simple mission, but big enough to manoeuvre within, and keeps all of us passionate about mobile & focused around the same goal. Our major motivation was to leverage the tech behind Grabble — we wanted a chance to be more creative and innovative, using our framework to power various opportunities.

Let’s test this theory out!

Because we were so famous for shopping, we decided that a fairer test on the platform’s flexibility would include nothing to do with this industry.

The Product:

Say hello to Popcorn. Using moviesDB we were able to put together a never ending list of different streams of content, link them all to trailers where available to watch in the app — and essentially create a really nifty little product over a weekend.

Home Screen on Popcorn
  • 0 Tweets, marketing, literally, nothing.
  • Over 120,000 downloads
  • UK Homepage feature — “New apps we love”
  • Featured as best Entertainment app alongside Netflix and IMDB
  • It’s the number 1 app in Croatia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech Republic & Iceland.
  • Number 4 in Portugal
Popcorn is the number 1 app in 5 countries

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