A beginner’s guide to NFTs & The Metaverse

Dan Murray-Serter
24 min readAug 20, 2021

Disclaimer: This is not investment advice. I am no expert, I am just an entrepreneur building a braincare company called Heights, and spend most of my professional time reading about neuroscience & mental health.

However, I’ve been on paternity, had extra time to read and am an enthusiast/hobbyist/curious nerd and nothing more than that who loves to learn about the intersection of tech and culture, and as a new dad, I’m keen to learn about what world my daughter is going to play in!

Why am I writing this?

Over the last few months I’ve been geeking out hardcore on NFTs, crypto and the ‘metaverse’.

If that mostly sounds like jargon to you, ignore/delete/why did you even open this — but if you are finding yourself curious — then read on.

I wanted to write this post because there’s a saying in neuroscience: “When you read something you learn it once. When you share it — you learn it twice, cementing new neural pathways”. So I’m doing this as much for me, as for you.

I’m also doing this because I am not selling you anything. Most people in crypto/NFTs are selling you something so how can you trust them? This post is to share what I’m learning — try to turn it into real world examples to make sense of it, and hopefully take you on a…



Dan Murray-Serter

Co-Founder of Heights, & Host of Secret Leaders, I write about brain health, mental wellbeing & entrepreneurship.