Disclaimer: This is not investment advice. I am no expert, I am just an entrepreneur building a braincare company called Heights, and spend most of my professional time reading about neuroscience & mental health.

However, I’ve been on paternity, had extra time to read and am an enthusiast/hobbyist/curious nerd and nothing more than that who loves to learn about the intersection of tech and culture, and as a new dad, I’m keen to learn about what world my daughter is going to play in!

Over the last few months I’ve been geeking out hardcore on NFTs, crypto and the ‘metaverse’.

Techcrunch announcement of our crowdfund

Following the announcement of our $2M seed round in Techcrunch (which included the fastest ever £1M raised for a health and wellness company in crowdfunding history), in line with our company values around transparency, I wanted to share the reality.

Any truly well-written post would tease the reader all the way to the end making sure that the story builds and culminates in the epic conclusion you were waiting to hear, but instead I’m going to break convention and start right at the end.

The question is: How did we (Heights — a ‘braincare’ company) raise £1.7M …

Photo Caption: Ergita Sela

Note to reader: I am big into self-development, wellness and growth. That means I pretty much exclusively read non-fiction, mostly around wellness, science, human beings, career growth, the brain, and spirituality. If that sounds like your cup of tea, you’ll probably enjoy this list…..

Every year I share a list of my top reads, which seems to provide a lot of value to people — not so much in the sense that these posts get tons of reach, but more that people do read what is suggested. …

I am a huge advocate for it.

Ever since I attended a lecture by, and then completed an online course on positive psychology taught by Dr. Martin Seligman (the ‘father’ of positive psychology), I’ve kept up my daily practice of ‘3 things’.

Like all habits, starting small and building from there is essential to making it stick. Once I’d spent 3 months completing the simple task of writing 3 things that went well today, I built additional gratitude practices up from that base.

By now you might know I care about my brain’s health more than anything else, and journalling…

Growing up fat, I struggled a lot with diets, my self worth, and my relationship with food which still manifests itself today.

It turns out I’m not alone.

The way we eat can have a huge impact on our mental health, and our mental health can have a huge impact on the way we eat. Brain health and food are intrinsically, cyclically, linked.

So I learned a lot in my conversation with expert nutritionist, Rhiannon Lambert from Rhitrition to help us to understand the complex relationship between food and our mental health. (Here’s the full video interview.)

Stress and food

Rhiannon’s top 3…

Disclaimer: All views below are my own and not a reflection or statement of anyone mentioned.

I felt compelled to write this today — shocked, disturbed, disgusted and concerned by UK grime artist, Wiley’s anti-semitic tirade on social media the last few days with casual comments like “I don’t care about Hitler, I care about black people”.

I believe people with any size platform have an opportunity, and privilege to share a better message. As a Jew, I care about Hitler AND black people. …

How I created Britain’s Number 1 Business Podcast — learn how to start, record, produce, edit, get sponsors and market yours. A user’s guide.

This week, I realised a dream I visualised a few years ago — Secret Leaders, a side project I did for fun with a friend, Rich Martell, became the number 1 Business Podcast in the UK, overtaking Tim Ferris, Gary Vee, Tim Robbins, TED, the BBC and more. This post is to transparently tell you exactly how we did it, what we use, and ensure that if you want to start a Podcast too, you can just copy and paste most of the info for yourself.

About 4 years ago, we decided to sit down with some of our friends…

Photo by Robina Weermeijer on Unsplash

Mind Games

Good news: There are plenty awesome ways to exercise your mind without spending a penny.

Here are a few of our favourite tricks.

Enhance your memory by absorbing information directly before or after a cardiovascular workout. Watch the clock though. If you wait longer than one hour, the benefits wane.

Consume new information by connecting ideas to things you already know. Think Sherlock’s mind palace. By storing incoming data in “rooms” with similar info, your brain will locate details faster than you can say “where’s my trench coat and awkward hat, Watson?”

Be your own cognitive personal trainer. Download a…

Next time you need to impress an investor or dazzle a crowd, pump yourself up with these scientifically backed tips.

Photo by Nycholas Benaia on Unsplash

Fun fact for anyone who suffers from performance anxiety: That familiar crippling feeling can actually become your edge.

According to a study at Harvard Business School, all it takes is a little strategic paradigm shift.

You had me at Harvard.

Thought so.

Assistant Professor Alison Woods Brooks examined the relationship between anxiety, affirmations, and performance.

She manufactured three stressful situations: speaking in public, solving math equations, and performing karaoke.

She asked half the group to repeat “I am calm” before performing. The others talked themselves off the ledge with “I am excited.”


The results were dramatic. The excited bunch…

Ever think you weren’t born creative? Sorry, Accountant #14432. You’re wrong. It just takes practice.

Photo by Alice Achterhof on Unsplash

According to psychologist Robert Epstein, there’s no evidence suggesting one person is inherently more creative than another.

This is excellent news because creativity is a hot commodity in a world addicted to innovation. Generating ideas reaps lucrative results.

Epstein says the sooner we channel the latent creativity we each possess, the better off we’ll be.

So what’s the Epstein way?

He suggests habitually practising four tactics. (Pay close attention. Seven-figure results are just around the corner.)

  1. Record new ideas. Big or small, just log them in a voice memo or journal. Don’t let anything valuable get away.
  2. Seek out challenging…

Dan Murray-Serter

Co-Founder of Heights, & Host of Secret Leaders, I write about brain health, mental wellbeing & entrepreneurship.

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